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Metricon Glendale Internal Selections Standard & Upgraded

Bricks Everyday Life (Unwind )

Mortar  offwhite ( Ironed )

External Paint Colours 
Internal Paint Colours

Guttering in my opinion the guttering should match the bricks colour as well as the roof it shouldn't stand out rather blend in . 
Colorbond Jasper

Fasica Now in contrast " Fascia " is the outline of your house so what you would like is a clear outline lifting the whole face of your house rather than blending with the roof colour or guttering. 
colorbond Surfmist

Rainwater Tank 
colorbond Jasper 
Garage Door 
Colorgrain - Caoba ( part of standard we didn't upgrade ) 

Front Entry Door
Humedoors - Savoy XS26 Colour : Cabots Chestnut ( the one below is standard from the website whereas it will be stained ) i'll update the picture in another post 

Front Entry Door Handle Roud 900mm SS Pull Handle

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Time Lapse for our Glendale -

As time passes you seem to forget how far you have come with your build. A time lapse such as above is a good way to see it in a flash . When you see sometime start to finish it gives you so much of appreciation for the process and time / effort put in .

Hope you all enjoy as much as i did watching it.

Position Map of Builders

Position Map (Price vs Inclusions)
This is our dream house it does sound cliched but thats the reality . Like many others we also have a budget and we want value for money. We are not part of building industry so as an average novice buyer we can only educate ourselves to a limit unless we come from this background and understand what value is being offered which is not tangible to the customer but has lasting impression.  So, purely on my list of preferences i have compared the four builders i am considering for our build. There are many attributes that determine the price but i have listed two main criteria. 
Price & Inclusions 
Now i understand there is no limit to a wish list but for any product out there in the market there is a basic attribute that that product should deliver it will include not just the product itself but also its additional promotions , inclusions and services. 
So i have divided into two areas : Must Haves & Nice to Have 
Keep in mind I am comparing a 34 s…

Metricon  - Clarendon? Which one is more suitable

Metricon- Clarendon? Which one is more suitable?

There is no easy way to find the suitable design for your future home than to visit all the display homes. Only few of us are good with visualization and I am certainly not one of them. I must say there are some brave ones out there who can sign off just on paper design they certainly know how to take risk.

My first stop was clarendon display center in Kellyville, I went through all the designs took notes, compared all the inclusions, made several spreadsheets and finally shortlisted two. 1.Fairmont 2.Sheridan Fairmont ticked most of the boxes , did I tell you that I am a bit obsessed by a single spine staircase so for me this was it , if I had to sacrifice a room in order to get this wow factor I would do it . Downstairs it was open plan with pantry and laundry connected I thought that was intelligent, most of the times I am in the kitchen keeping an eye on my laundry so very practical. Upstairs, I thought rooms were a bit squeezed whi…
House Design Search - First Stop Sales professionals at display homes

My friends were building their first home and at every meet up we only talked about home designs and spaciousness of your own home, all this discussion got us excited and we decided to build ourselves, talk about peer pressure. 😅
Well we were told that we should visit the display homes, up until then we had no idea how huge the housing industry in Australia was and the process of building oneself a home. Back home it wasn’t easy either but having easily accessible labour and luxury of having marble and granite in your home was something most home owners could afford.
Every weekend was spent at display homes clarendon , wisdom , allcastle , beechwood , rawson , lilyhomes , mcdonald jones, eden brae and few others . All those who have visited these display villages would know that it looks like a big holiday party where you are visiting these strangers in their homes ( garages converted into meet and greet ) walking up …